Roughly 8 ounces or 240 ml of tart cherry juice has about 119 calories. The drink is delicious, refreshing and filled with potassium and iron. We all know that these nutrients provide health benefits for one’s body. But before you buy cherry juice, you need to know which ones are the best to purchase. You need to buy those without artificial sweeteners. Remember that the best juice is always 100% pure without additional preservatives. Don’t go for those cherry cocktails because it’s all sugar and flavoring – not healthy at all.


There are also two types of cherry juices – concentrate and not from concentrate. The latter means that the cherry juice is squeezed directly to the container. It only says that it’s pure. As for the concentrate type, it is a mixture of water after pressing and filtration. The juices, both kinds, are rehydrated before packaging and still, nutrient-filled.

Cherries Contain Anthocyanins

What are Anthocyanins? These are flavonoids, in straightforward terms, antioxidants. These antioxidants assist in lessening inflammation within the body. Most cherries contain anthocyanins, and as for cherry juice, the sour ones come from tart cherries.

Tart cherries contain a whole lot of anthocyanins as compared to other cherry varieties (black cherries), and if you’re thinking of drinking black cherries, it’ sweeter compared to tart. It doesn’t have the same high amount anthocyanins, but other than that, it is full of nutrients.


With that, what are other benefits of tart cherry juice?

If you are looking for a post-workout drink, then cherry juice is one nutritious exercise recovery beverage. Due to its naturally high potassium content of about 330 milligrams (mg) per cup (10% of the daily recommended intake), cherry juice is helpful for those who work out. Potassium maintains stable blood pressure, keeps you hydrated, assists with muscle recovery, improves nerve impulses, digestion and heart rate and maintains your body’s pH balance.

Tart Cherry Juice And Post-Workout Recovery

People who exercise have a post-workout beverage. You can opt for tart cherry juice as your recovery drink. It has high potassium (330 mg for every cup, which is 10% of RDA for the nutrient). For those who do not know,

Tart Cherry Juice And Anti-Inflammatory Benefit For Arthritic Pain

Back in 2012, there was a research study on people with osteoarthritis. The participants were told to consume two servings of tart cherry juice for 21 days. After that, test results revealed that their anti-inflammatory condition lessened. It’s due to the antioxidants in the cherry, according to further study, which alleviated the pain felt by those with osteoarthritis.

Tart Cherry Juice And Reduced Body Swelling

When your muscles hurt or you have body swelling, you turn to NSAID’s or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Well, a research study back in 2004 revealed that by consuming cherry juice, inflammation on animals (pain-induced) have significantly reduced. As for humans, the good thing about it is that the adverse effects of NSAID’s are avoided if you consistently drink cherry juice.

Tart Cherry Juice And Immune Booster


Flavonoids, as discussed earlier, is present in cherries. It can boost the body’s immune system which means that it assists in combatting infections.

Tart Cherry Juice And Quicker Metabolism Which Burns Fat

The red color of cherries is due to anthocyanin, and according to a study, this aids in quickening one’s metabolism which in turn lessens obesity issues. Specific research revealed that tart cherries increases the body’s manner of absorbing nutrients. This will help in losing body fat.

Tart Cherry Juice And Sleep

Do you want to sleep tight at night? Drink cherry juice! Back in 2010, a study was conducted involving cherry juice and melatonin. It showed that the respondents slept better at night.

Tart Cherry Juice And Cancer Fighter

One of the ways to reduce cancer cells from growing is drinking cherry juice. One study back in 2003 revealed cherry juice prevented cancer cells from developing in animals.

So, instead of drinking soft drinks and sugared beverages, opt for tart cherry juice. It’s nutritious and delicious at the same time!

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