Healthcare is vital in a community to address people’s health needs. How many of us get sick every day? The 2014 Atlanta Healthcare Statistics aims to identify the valuable numbers in healthcare to find out where there is a need for development, expansion, and more people. The healthcare team and facility are important to acknowledge a community’s stability as well.


Healthcare Statistics In The US:


  1. Medical Errors Are 86% Administrative.

It’s horrible to get inappropriate treatment because of administrative error. Sadly, 400,000 people die annually due to it, and it’s the top three killer, cancer and heart disease being the first and second. Often, administrative errors happen due to complacency, urgency, and focus of the healthcare personnel.


  1. There Is An Average Of 20,000 Forms A Provider Needs To Fill Out Annually.

Most often, people think that doctors have an easy time attending to patients, looking at them, and doing tests. However, those are not the only things they need to do. They are also required to fill out forms necessary for healthcare. Nowadays, there are EHR and e-consult software which help in providing healthcare easier.


  1. There Are About 30 Billion Healthcare Transactions Annually Requiring Nearly $250 Billion To Process.

We shouldn’t think that our healthcare team is just getting money from us without hard work. We don’t see them stay up at night doing other necessary tasks to assure our treatment. They need to communicate internally and externally using technologies like fax, HL7 interfaces, and legacy EMR systems.  Sadly, sometimes it may be inefficient due to miscommunication.




People need awareness about healthcare so that they know what to expect. Healthcare statistics also give them an idea of what to be mindful about. Our health and treatment don’t need to rely on our healthcare team alone. We can contribute by learning what we crucially need based on healthcare statistics.

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