Learn About Sweetgreen – A Health-Conscious Company That Quelches People’s Anxiety Over Fast Food

Health-conscious folks who do not know how to cook well tend to deal with anxiety every time they go out. After all, if they are friends with non-vegetarian folks, they might get dragged to McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and other fast-food chains that barely have healthy options. Other times, these people might need to stick with fresh fruits or vegetables. Hence, there is a growing need for a restaurant that provides better food choices.

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It is a challenge worth taking for the founders of Sweetgreen, a chain of fast food restaurants that have seen the first light within the vicinity of the Georgetown area.

The Conception Of The Business Idea

The forefathers of the business – Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman – were senior students of the Georgetown University when one of their friendly chats veered towards the topic about the lack of establishments that offered healthier food selection in the campus’ location. From merely being classmates in lectures related to entrepreneurship, their bond transformed into a solid partnership and even built over 40 branches several years later.

In the beginning, the trio was at a loss when it comes to how to realize and combine their ideas for a sturdy commercial plan. Irrespective of the fact that becoming a good entrepreneur was in their blood as they all have prosperous business owners for parents, or that they learned plenty from the classes in the university, Nathaniel Ru and the other two still did not possess much practical experience in the field. What seemed to be a disadvantage for the three, however, turned out to be an advantage since they were obligated to think out of the box and not follow the footsteps of the veteran restaurateurs.

The Ultimate Distinction

Sweetgreen is a different company in the sense that its founders remain not to have a place that they consider as a headquarters. Although their attachment to Georgetown will never falter, the university’s alums like to travel from coast to coast to look for various ways to expand the business’ reach in the United States.

By 2010, the CEOs of Sweetgreen has established a platform that aims to teach the youngsters about the importance of consuming the right kind and amount of food. They have initially accomplished this as a weekly activity in the nearby schools, but it has since stretched out to educate more students in the cities of New York, Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia.

The company came up with the Sweetlife Festival by the time that they assumed that the second branch of Sweetgreen would not be as successful as the first one. Thus, apart from connecting to people with their salads, they make use of high-quality music – the real universal language – to send their message across. A few of the artists who performed in the celebration are Calvin Harris, The 1975, and Avicii.

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Sweetgreen’s Nathaniel Ru Talks About The Company’s Success

As mentioned above, Sweetgreen is a chain of salad bars situated in over 40 locations within the United States. It has been filling the stomach of workers and students alike in a healthy manner since 2007. One of its founders, Nathaniel Ru, had a sit-down conversation with the Tech Insider to speak about how they gained a massive amount of success in a few years.

1. They Know Where And When To Open A New Branch

According to Ru, the Sweetgreen team performs an extensive demographic analysis on every potential place to find out if their green salad varieties can receive a warm welcome in a new town or city. In addition to that, they think of a great time to launch another restaurant so that it can stand out more in the market. What is apparent from the strategy of Sweetgreen is that the company targets the most well-off districts such as NoMad, Nolita, Tribeca, and Williamsburg where the rich, famous, and diet-conscious individuals often live.

2. The Brand Owners Wish To Offer More Than Convenience

While it is true that the restaurant has provided sustenance to the employees of various companies in California and New York every lunchtime for more than a decade now, Nathaniel Ru and his other partners aim for Sweetgreen to become the go-to food shop of people for all of their meals day and night.

The customers can easily discern as well by going into any of the restaurants that sanitation is of utmost importance for the company. As per Ru’s words, this is a service design in which the clients can see the vision and mission of Sweetgreen after dropping into a store once.

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3. They Have A Mobile Application For Quick And Effortless Ordering

There are always long lines of consumers leading to the doors of Sweetgreen branches, and this is how one can tell how big their salads are to the general public. However, these individuals may not have a lot of free time to wait there; that’s why they have developed an app that allows the customers to have their orders processed in less than three minutes. Their idealism for the application is for it to copy the feeling that people experience when they go to the physical shop.

Final Thoughts

Sweetgreen’s story is something to gush over about because the success of the business is not merely beneficial for the owners and employees. The more branches they open across the US, the more health-conscious individuals will not have to worry about dining out because there is now a fast-food chain that offers healthy options.

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