A lot of people are now in a state where they feel nothing but emptiness and sadness. With that, they choose isolation over anything. Sometimes, they believe it is the only thing that keeps them away from the harshness of the world. But is it? Of course, it is not. Because being stuck in a depressive state is never going to help anyone. It is not something beneficial or advantageous one way or another. Depression is not a thing someone should be thankful for having. It is a mental condition, and that is all it is. It can never be more than a damaging state that harm, change, and destroy people.

Not Worth Keeping

There are instances that other people are using the mental state to keep themselves aware of their emotional and psychological condition. But the problem with this mentality is the possibility of getting trapped with mental illness. Yes, others may agree that at some point, the necessary courage to fight depression is at the state where an individual is currently at it. However, it is not worth the risk.


Depression can take a price on a person’s life. There are instances that instead of promoting mental and emotional awareness; the condition pulls an individual into the point of no return. That explains why there are cases of suicide and self-harm. Therefore, the conclusion is clear. Keeping the mental illness for too long only results in adverse situations, and that is it. There is no further interpretation as to why depression is not at all worth it.


Recovery Is Vital

It gets genuinely considered that getting out of an unfortunate circumstance is not easy. Sometimes, the battle is way too much to handle. Not all people can manage to deal with depression, and not all of them are strong enough to understand that as well. There are instances that, instead of getting better, others are feeling worst. But to become fully aware of the situation is something that can alter what is currently in front of the struggle. That is where recovery becomes an essential part of the process. No, people do not have to take it over the top, only to prove to others that they have the reason to feel depressed. Sticking in that particular mental condition is always a choice. So anyone that would insist that depression gets no cure becomes a considerably unfair reason to those who struggle to fight and won the battle.




Choosing to get better is not something one should ignore. That is, in fact, the most important thing one should be having. Understanding that depression is not at all helpful for overall improvement is enough. So to those individuals who cannot seem to handle their current emotional and psychological state and choose to live with the condition instead, kindly consider getting rid of it. Please choose to stay healthy and positive because that is all it takes to make a life worth living. Depression is a mental condition that is never going to be worthy at all costs.

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